What happens if you play?

New questions arise, myths and certainties are challenged and a new paradigm emerges, while the first layer of resistance to change starts melting in a wave of energy and fun, allowing players to discover a safe space for experimentation, removing silos and moving beyond sectors and industries.

 It offers 3 layers of active knowledge share:

  1. Horizontal peer to peer learning
  2. Facilitated action learning through group workshops by highly experienced practitioners from specialized fields
  3. New knowledge exchange through Master Classes with experts and leaders in innovation.

Who is it for?

Change Play Business
™ is aimed at organisational leaders who are already aware of changes in their work environment, who demand new sets of skills and attitudes to enable them to anticipate and act on ill-defined indicators of change—Leaders: 

  • determined to succeed in a context of radical change, unpredictable competition and increasingly higher levels of uncertainty; 
  • willing to experiment outside their area of influence and knowledge, and eager to motivate their employees and partners.
  • who believe innovation is a necessity, not a luxury.

What are the outputs?

As a starting point, players engage to find new partners, explore new ideas or develop new products and business models. More advanced participants are simply trying to enter the space of open innovation and co-creation.

However, CPB™ outputs: are far broader as our research shows. For example, as well as identifying collaborative projects, 75% of previous game players said they learned new ways of thinking, and actively shared/gained new knowledge relevant to their own innovation and business challenges. 

Over 54% felt they had achieved the goal to establish a basis for new partnerships. 

In follow up research ‘value’ appears to grow with 83% of participants of one game saying, six months later, that they had remained in contact with fellow players to discuss their collaboration, other business ideas or simply develop their network contacts.