"As a regular attendee of innovation conferences I was really amazed by the novel approach of the Change Play Business event. Due to the extensive preparation and professional guidance by the organization I quickly noticed that all the teams were truly immersed in this one-day creative journey. If you want to sparkle innovation within your organization, attending Change Play Business will be a great firestarter!"

Nick De Mey  Expert from Change Play Business Lisbon, July 2011
Co-Founder, Board of Innovation

"I am from the automotive industry and I see a lot of people from companies such as Portugal Telecom, CTT, all companies from services, and I don’t know how industry will meet up with these type of industries. I am so curious!"
Sofia Lino Player from Change Play Business Lisbon, July 2011
Marketing & Sales Support Manager, MCG

"It was a pleasurable discovery, and all initiatives associated with it. As a “global” world, ideologies and cultures are shifting, and Portugal cannot be behind that change. It is important to acknowledge that and support those who are helping this, such as the group who designed and organized this event. 

Despite the run against the clock, the organization was excellent. Speakers, facilitators and trainers were the best and most inspiring I have met over the last few years."

Anonymous player from Change Play Business Lisbon, July 2011

"As an experienced facilitator of business workshops, when I saw the ambitious plan for the day, I must confess I was quite skeptical. I was wrong! Not only the whole programme was fulfilled but even more: all players were engaged and I didn’t catch a single negative comment, like the usual chats on corridors and toilets! Well done!"
Pedro Cerdeira  Facilitator from Change Play Business Lisbon, July 2011
Business Innovation Consultant and Director of Business Plug

"Companies should give their back teeth for this game to stimulate and build camaraderie in their teams or company."

Sue Lupton
CEO, Sue Lupton Consulting Ltd
United Kingdom

“The game allowed me to think in a more experimental way, rather than focusing on the outcome. I found the exploratory approach very useful as business concepts are often not set in stone and should be something fluid and reactive to changes.”

Anonymous player from Change Play Business London


Were your ideas challenged?
"Very much, more than I was prepared for, to be honest."

And how do you deal with it?
"I just accepted it. I am a green badge, so I am kind of a conservative person, but in the end I was completely out of the box!"

Do you see the benefit of Change Play Business in organisations to get the best out of employees?
"In the organisation I work for, yes, definitely yes. And I think most of the others the same. They do help, because it challenges the employees to think differently. It’s important."

Pedro Carvalho
MCG, Portugal

How excited are you with your new project/new idea?
"It's brilliant, we came up with some really good ideas. It's kind of eye opening to see how just throwing the dice could actually give us such great ideas. And we came up with something that aligns quite well with everybody with what we are all doing in our daily work."

If you had to choose one tool you used today, what would that be?
"Putting together the business model, those questions where they are asking the key partners, key suppliers, etc, that also focuses the mind. The dice kinda gives you the space to do blue-sky thinking, and then that bit focuses your mind into thinking who are your partners and what do you need to do and all that."

Kene Umeasiegbu 
CSR Partners LLP

What do you think is going to happen today? Do you think people are going to get their hands dirty and get creative?
"I think it’s going to be a very exciting day today. I have seen the program and it is packed with tools and methods. I think if everybody has to do a 10-15 tools in one day it will be a quite exciting day."

Do you think people will take the tools to their organizations and start changing in  the way they see innovation and re-inventing themselves if it’s needed?
"I think if you only take one or two tools from the day and take it back to your organizations it’s going to be an eye-opener. Probably a lot of people are already quite open-minded, that is why they are here already, but if you get so many information during one day there must be something you can take to improve your organization. It will be definitely the case, yes."

Do you think there’s going to be continuity of Change Play Business?
"Yes, definitely. You can’t do everything in one day. You need to make some decisions during the day. So at least have some things you can’t do today so there’s a new events I see many people could join again and perhaps take some colleagues. It will definitely will have another edition!"

Would you be happy to come back?
Yes, definetly! I can only work with a small group today due to the master classes, so I would love to come back, of course!!

Nick De Mey  Expert from Change Play Business Lisbon, July 2011
Co-Founder, Board of Innovation

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Portugal Telecom
Banco BNP Paribas
Banco Invest
BP Portugal
MCG Mind for Metal
Xerox Portugal
Turismo Capital
CoWork Lab
Bravemind HR Consultants
Sociedade Central de Cervejas SCC
ANA Aeroportos de Portugal

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