How can we help overcome challenges?

Do you need to break down internal and external barriers, such as “silos of doing or thinking”? 

While Kodak spent several years improving film, the world moved on into digital photography, and even further…mobile phones became hybrid services including a digital camera in everyone´s pocket! Change Play Business ® help individuals and teams to remove silos within and beyond their organisation,  in a way which is engaging and highly energising.

How much space and creative confidence do your team have? And why does it matter?

MCG, high-quality manufacturer of automobile metal parts with a high level of expertise and well recognized worldwide for their management performance. When analyzed, their ability to retain value from their activities is way below the potential value they create. To overcome the old myth that creativity belongs to “creative people” and unlock everyone's creative potential, it need to unleash, awaken or remove the fear of being creative. 

Change Play Business® allows individuals to experience creativity in action, tap into their creative potential and explore ways of applying it, in a way which is engaging and surprinsignly effective.

Why are the most successful companies shifting from a competitive culture into a collaborative or  “coopetitive” culture?

Change Play Business® is creating a new breed of collaborative thought-leaders, who increase corporate performance by doing four things well:

Adapted from article “Are You A Collaborative Leader?” by Ibarra Herminia & Morten T. Hansen, Harvard Business Review, Jul/Aug 2011

In need to rethink the businesses and revenue model?

While start-ups tend to be extremely flexible and agile with high levels of freedom to innovate, most of our existing jobs still depend on older models. It’s time we started to work collaboratively—co-designing with our customers, creating value with our competitors, becoming “leaders together”.

Change Play Business® helps players explore existing (and forgotten) assets, and rethink how these can be explored in new contexts and new combinations.

How do you define your organizational culture? Is there a sense of purpose and fun? And why does it matter?

Let´s face it: times are difficult for most organisations, the morale is low, and best talent is either difficult to retain or to find. Current strategies are focusing in cost-cutting, and is difficult to engage your customers and employees, right? Wrong! In order to survive and innovate, small and medium organisations need commitment, creativity and engagement from those inside and those outside the organisation.

Change Play Business® puts the fun into decision-making and provides space for engagement and personal creativity in thinking and acting, such as shaping the journey of the brand.  

What if you could increase curiosity, spontaneity and the ability to manage uncertainty and ambiguity?

‘Experts’ aren’t necessarily the solution. Recent management theories invite organisations to rethink their models for recruiting talent and knowledge management. The idea of “knowing” can undermine the ability to explore, or the openness to ask “stupid questions” and make mistakes. Innovation leaders rely on curious minds to open new pathways, challenge and shift paradigms. With higher levels of ambiguity and lower levels of certainty, new skills are in greater need.

Change Play Business® is designed to stimulate curiosity, to promote spontaneity and moments of WOW in each phase of the process. Rules are changed, and players are challenged beyond their imagination. 

What if the way you define your company is a limitation to understanding the value and potential your knowledge, expertise, capabilities and brands can build for your brand and stakeholders? 

In every Change Play Business® event, players are exposed to cutting-edge thinkers, participate in Master Classes where they acquire new knowledge, work across sectors in multidisciplinary teams, share thinking tools which are new to the market, and discover innovative potential from new partnerships and formulations of value never explored before. 

Change Play Business is not a linear journey...