Portuguese leaders and pioneers in experiential training. They excel in their services by creating unique training programmes to tackle behaviour change and performance management. 

Why we like working with them:
It´s a great team, extremely committed and experienced professionals, who have no hesitation in solving problems and finding the best solutions for amazing results. They also have a great attitude:  we are friends.

Innovation leaders. Probably the best professional talent, tools and team in the world, helping established businesses to challenge and redesign their business models.
Why we like working with them: 
They challenge the way we think, they are very professional and they know a lot about things we don’t, and are happy to share innovation with others!

What they say about us:
"If you want to sparkle innovation within your organization, attending Change Play Business will be a great firestarter!"

A network of experts and talent, focusing on inspiring, supporting, accelerating and incubating innovation and promoting entrepreneurship. They organize events, develop training, provide mentoring programmes.  They develop talent and ideas into new businesses, and link them with investors. 
Why we like working with them: 
Because they have an amazing team and the best can-do attitude in the world, in a country that needs it! They have loads of knowledge and energy, are the best connected people, and make things happen! They also like working with us… we think!

The Centre for Creative Collaboration C4CC

An independent place where people from many different backgrounds - universities, large corporates, SMEs, freelancers - can work together on new things, in the belief that real innovation happens at the edge and in the gaps between disciplines.
We have been growing inside the C4CC from our early stages and we love it! For us it is the real home of ideas! There is the space, the people and the ideas, and there is also the support, from emotional to professional, that can come from anywhere. It is possible to be human and different all the time. Nobody really knows what will happen in this place… and that is the most exciting thing about it.

Monika Hestad PhD
Mentor | Researcher | Design Strategist

The best design mentor, researcher and design strategist we have near us, and one of the founders of The Thinking Hotel.
Why we like working with Monika:
She thinks in a straightforward and clear manner. She is also a very knowledgeable person, and has a secret talent in bringing our team back to reality without killing our ability to dream!

Sarah Farrugia & 

Somewhere between a marketing consultant and a personal friend, Sarah offers bespoke workshops, business strategy and market research. Insights and trends from Sarah are also shared in blogs, online platforms like the Advocateur and offline meetings like Candid Thinking. 
Why we like working with Sarah: 
Not only does she give us amazing feedback, but she also opens many doors when needed. We have a relationship of trust, which gives us confidence in what we do, gives us direction if we are lost, and inspires us when we need it!
And above all this, Sarah is a great professional.

This is a new adventure of co-creators based in Portugal (spread across different European places, however) They have a great sense of collaborative work and are passionate about helping boost creativity anywhere.  
Why we like working them:
They bring fresh new thinking (we like that), never ever create problems (they help solve them) and have a fantastic attitude: whatever they say they do… they actually do it! We also find the creative tools and processes they develop simply AWESOME! 

Stefan is not a photographer, he is an Amazing Photographer! 
Not only does he capture what is visible, but he does in it a way that it reveals the character of what we see. 
Why we like working with Stefan: 
First we love his attitude, culture and way of thinking. Secondly he is open to the unthinkable, and finally he really transforms work into experiences. Than he keeps his promises. 

What else? We guess you will discover more when you see his website.

Eugenie Fung

Eugenie is an enthusiastic, award-winning producer (also a director and writer) who has created on-air elements for many international channels such as TV promos and programmes of different genres, original animation, corporate videos, documentaries, and short film.

Why we like working with Eugenie:
She enjoys being hands-on in all aspects of production. We love her passion and talent in creative story telling. She has helped companies from different fields representing their brands through exciting motion imagery and magical camera work.