What is it?

Change Play Business® is a high energy, high achieving introduction to the world of open innovation and co-creation.

Designed as a game, it combines techniques of structured play with strategic thinking and radical collaboration. It is facilitated, uses game changer experts to introduce new ideas and concepts, is inspirational, and unforgettable. 

The goal is to ignite and energize a transformational journey of co-creation and collaborative leadership.

Change Play Business Lisbon, interview with players & experts.

Players of Change Play share three characteristics: curiosityopenness to positive disruption and willing to explore new territories. They can be found as:

Innovation leaders –  looking for cutting-edge approaches to take advantage of the newest models.

Social Innovators – exploring new solutions for complex problems, such as the transition from services towards citizen-led enterprises.

Creative entrepreneurs – eager to generate new models by making hybrid cocktails of unused assets in unusual combinations.

Feel the energy!

Watch Change Play Change videos here to feel the rest of the energy!


Get in touch or ask a question: thecuriousmind@thethinkinghotel.com

The New Challenge: Positive disruption!

New research reveals it is increasingly difficult to clearly define in which industry we belong and compete. Innovation rules have changed: from planned and strategic, success emerges from readiness to take advantage from random connections. We help set the scene for such discoveries, entering the "unknown-unknown" space with an intersectional mindset!

What some of our players say...

"I am from the automotive industry and I see a lot of people from companies such as Portugal Telecom, CTT, all companies from services, and I don’t know how industry will meet up with these type of industries. I am so curious!" — Sofia Lino MCG

"It's brilliant, we came up with some really good ideas. It's kind of eye opening to see how just throwing the dice could actually give us such great ideas." 
— Kene Umeasiegbu CSR Partners LLP